CRM & Marketing Hub for Vacation Rental Managers,
Travel Advisors, and
Real Estate Agents

Custom-configured for your business

  • Owner Acquisition Sales & Marketing
  • Proactive Guest Retargeting & Outreach
  • Powerful & Easy-to-Use CRM
  • Automate your Outreach
  • Integrates Directly with OwnerPoint & RealtyPoint

All Your Communications in One PlaceCreated Specifically for Travel & Vacation Rental Real Estate

ContactPoint is the CRM and marketing platform designed for vacation rental property managers. We built ContactPoint with input from hundreds of property managers and with more than 20 years of experience. 
ContactPoint was designed to integrate directly with OwnerPoint's data platform and to complement a property manager's PMS and existing marketing systems. We designed ContactPoint to be powerful and approachable.
 ContactPoint is designed for:
  • Owner acquisition sales & marketing
  • Guest marketing and prospecting
  • Current homeowner communications
  • Email marketing (without an agency!)
  • Realtor communications

Harness the Power of Generative AIIntegrated With Jini-AI

ContactPoint is powered by Artificial Intelligence including multiple generative AI solutions, including Jini. In addition to having all of your company's contact records housed in a centralized communication platform, your team will be able to use our vacation rental industry prompt engineering to help develop and deliver your marketing messages.

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Integrated with ALL PMS and Website booking platforms

Complements & Supplements your PMS


Centralized Communication Hub

ContactPoint serves as a centralized platform to manage all communication channels, including email, phone calls, and digital marketing, streamlining communication for vacation rental property managers.


Actionable Contact Data

ContactPoint turns contact data from OwnerPoint or your own sources into actionable insights Property managers can quickly send customized emails, prospect phone lists, and create digital retargeting lists to drive marketing campaigns and maximize results.


Seamless Integration

ContactPoint seamlessly integrates with all major Property Management Software systems, email marketing platforms, OwnerPoint and TravelPoint data platforms, telephony solutions like AnswerPoint, and leading direct mail platforms, ensuring smooth data flow and easy collaboration.


User-Friendly Interface

ContactPoint offers a user-friendly interface that allows team members to accomplish their communication goals easily, empowering property managers to effectively manage their contacts, marketing campaigns, and sales activities.


Customizable Marketing Messages

Leveraging the power of GPT 4's machine learning, ContactPoint enables property managers to develop and deliver personalized marketing messages, tailored to the vacation rental industry, for effective guest outreach and homeowner acquisition.


Robust Reporting & Analytics

ContactPoint provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing vacation rental property managers to gain valuable insights into their communication and marketing efforts, measure performance metrics, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their business strategies.

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